1.Introduction to Ultrasonic Testing.
    2.Machine Setup for UFD.
    3.Calibrations in Ultrasonic Testing.
    3.1 Vertical and Horizontal Linearity Checks.
    3.2 Angle Probe Calibration.
    3.3 X-OFF Value.
    4.Probe Selection for TKY Joints.
    5.DAC Curves Construction.
    6.Construction Of Bean Profiles Diagrams.
    7.Inspection Of Pipe and Plate.
    8.Inspection of TKY Joints.
    9.Mode Conversion effect.
    10.Reserve Gain.
    11.Flaw Sizing Techniques.
    12.Transfer Correction.
    13.Internal Reflectors Limit for Probes.
    14.Bea Path Calculations and Skip Distance Calculation for TKY.
    15.Acceptance Criteria for TKY joints.
    16.Report Preparation.